Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora das Brotas


The first chapel was built in 1880 through the construction of pau-a-pique. The current Shrine of the Virgin of Brotas, in the shape of a crown, was built in 1985.


Bishop Dom Sérgio Arthur Braschi decreed Nossa Senhora das Brotas as Patron of the Tropeiros Way and the Sanctuary as a religious landmark of the Tropas Way

Historically, the outskirts of the temple were a favorite spot for landing by the tropeiros and today it hosts its many pilgrims.

The image of Nossa Senhora das Brotas measures 70 cm in height and was sculpted in Portugal in 1962 in Brazilian cedar. Details such as the crystal eyes, gold fillets on the mantle, as well as the gold crown attract attention.


In December there is a traditional celebration in honor of Nossa Senhora das Brotas

Rua Alfredo Ribeiro de Souza, 75


(42) 3237-4474



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The museum has a diverse collection that tells part of the history, culture, customs and traditions of the city.


Visiting hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 11:00 am

and from 1 pm to 4:30 pm


Avenida 05 de Março, 171.

(42) 3237-1628.

Municipal Museum


The municipality has 21 sites cataloged with cave paintings, some of which can be visited with the owners' supervision. Visits must be previously scheduled with the Department of Culture and Tourism.


(42) 3237-1628

Rock Inscriptions


Cânion da Fazenda Chapadinha


Apresenta pequenas quedas que se formam em um lajeado com aproximadamente 400 m de extensão, circundado por vegetação nativa. As visitas podem ser feitas diariamente com agendamento prévio pelo telefone diretamente com o proprietário senhor Antonio Ferreira Bueno.


          Serra de Piraí do Sul, a 15 km da sede do município, o acesso é pela           PR 151 no km 159.

         42) 3237-3402

foto: Maumau Ecos Aventura

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