Conde Francisco Matarazzo Municipal Historical Museum “Palacete Matarazzo”


The building was built in 1924 and is installed in the historic property of Count Francisco Matarazzo, has a valuable collection corresponding to the period of the entrepreneur's activity in the municipality, in addition to hosting a library with rare works and a historical archive.


Visiting hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 11:30 am

1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Admission: free

(43) 3535-4226

Cerrado State Park

The site represents the Cerrado forest in southern Brazil and is home to a wide variety of fauna and flora.

Created in March 1992 to conserve one of the last remnants of cerrado still existing in the State in an area of ​​420 hectares, it is intended to preserve flora, such as caviúna, barbatimão, and fauna, such as maned wolf, flag and the rook of the cerrado.
It presents sandstone rocks sculpted by wind and rain and dense riparian forest.
Because it has a landscape of twisted trees in an apparently arid and lifeless environment, the first impression is that there is no life in the place. a rich and expressive fauna, factors that guarantee to be the cerrado, the savanna of greater biodiversity

Visiting hours: Permanent, with guides

Admission: free

(43) 3535-7935 / (43) 9842-4180


Capivari River Linear Park

Description of the attraction: It is an environmental project for the recovery of the Capivari River, in the center of the city, being considered one of the postcards of Jaguariaíva. Cachoeirão, a waterfall of rare beauty, which can be seen from a lookout in the park and by those who pass by the PR-151 highway that borders the Linear Park.


Visiting hours: Permanent.

Admission: free


Lago Azul Municipal Park

Set of waterfalls connected by a trail, the main one being the Lago Azul waterfall, known for its grandeur and crystal clear waters.


Visiting hours: Permanent.

Admission: free

(43) 3535-7935


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